Night Depth review (Akifu Toys)

9 years ago · 5662 views

I got a toy from Akifu, who can be found here:

And man, it did NOT disappoint... full review below!

Night Depth

First impressions of the Night Depth are hard to describe. He looks very... sleek. Admittedly I did help design him, so that didn't come as a surprise.

What did come as a surprise was the feeling as I planted my hips against the base. The little scrab-like portrusions at the base poked me in just the right way - the round ball-like shape nearer the base also felt really nice as they toyed with my entrance.

The surface of the Night Depth is as smooth as they come - since it's essentially body-safe rubber with a higher breaking point, that wasn't surprising. Lurbicant (I used water-based) spread across it easily and evenly, and even held remarkably well through more strenuous activities. The tip bends as if it's about to come off, but never will; the rest of the body has enough flexibility to twist and wiggle, but due to his conical shape that's about as much as he will do.

The toy itself was more firm than my Bad Dragon toys, even my Firm one. This was good for the Night Depth - he was flexible enough to allow grinding against but firm enough to really feel like the beast was trying to stay inside me.

Overall, a damn good fuck, if a bit poke-y. The first time he pushes through your entrance you'll gasp, but that's a small sacrifice for the pleasure of the rest of him.

On top of all of this, he's remarkably easy to clean. The smooth surface means he can be easily wiped clean of any remaining sweat or lubricant or anything else. The only problem with cleaning is that for one, you'll mostly be cleaning fluff and hairs off of him (as silicone is a goddamn magnet for these things) which will make keeping him as a showpiece pretty impossible, and two, his wide base makes wrinsing him out a little awkward.

Overall, although he beefs up my toy box with his relatively wide base, he's still one of my favourite toys, if not THE favourite toy I own.