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Just your fun lovable furry couple. Closed but both somewhat of exhibitionist.

We love taking pictures and making videos but you mayyy never see our faces. You might know is too

Were a monogomous couple who are only doing this for our fans. We do not accept friends request from everybody so please don't be offened if you get declined. Also we will not reply to message asking for RP, 3-ways, special pictures, or anything of the sort. We LOVE being "knotty" and we're definitely kinky which soon you will find out how ;3.

Only Friends Will Get To See ALL The Pictures

We also will not accept friends request from those who have no icons, no naughty picutres, or only pictures of their artwork. Unless we know you personally.


But we post for those who post as well ;3

LaBrea -

Sexy Alien Kitty



Nevaro -

The Wonder Husky



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