New toys, and cubby panties

10 years ago · 21925 views

There was a lot of stuff going on here; and I HATE that I wasn't able to cum on camera, even though my little boi bit was quite aroused. These big boys have been keeping me busy, but life has kept me away from you all. It's probably not as good as my last video, but, I'm still getting used to the camera. I think that might be my orgasm problem! My little prick is camera shy!

Anyway, due to people asking, I kept the sound, although, there was a few things, like a car driving by somewhere late in the video, but, otherwise, it's about the same as last time. I promise, I'll make a video of me reaching climax soon! But, for now, enjoy this long video of multiple boys taking advantage of a hyena who looks all gothy on the outside, but his panties prove he's a big softie. Also, creampie. That's all.