Cleo, The Frisky Feline, 3D sculpture, Version 2.0

11 years ago · 4294 views

This is a sculpture of my design, this is the first program I've tried to sculpt in, I still want to add a little more texture wise, very light fur texture on balls/sheath, but for the most part its done. And hoping to bring this toy to creation. Dimensions of this toy are going to plan to rival chance, with attributes that all people of shapes and sizes will enjoy. I figure if we can have multiple butts and vagina's now why can't we have another deep penetration contender, though thats not the entire reason for this design. Rather that I Love Felines, and I just don't feel quite the same about equine, and have been wishing for awhile now something was made, Moko just didn't do it for me. Thread Related to this video is:

Version 2.0 is updated with a slightly more prominent base, to give the shaft and toy more structure.