Masturbating w/ Beta Sleeve

12 years ago · 5018 views

Trying out the new sleeve as a masturbation tool, as it has the soft wavey inside to provide stimluation while wearing so it's not completely numbed out experience.

It DOES dull the sensation around the base where the knot is thicker, and gripping with a squeeze around it doesn't really provide the same common pleasure, but it does feel good to have a squishy grip for those moments.

I didn't cum during this, used bare hand after I took it off and stopped recording as I was already edging from the whole set of recordings I took in a row, when I first tried it out the day it came, I did cum in only a few minutes, so it's just as good as a weaker version of the female fuckables, much smaller and covert too, I think I wasn't aroused as much as I was focusing on the computer camera and standing weird for pose, whereas when it was new and just me the novelty of a new toy and excitement got me off faster.