"First" Time with the Large Naga

12 years ago · 6899 views

This was my "First" Time with the large Naga. Reason why I said first was because it was really the second time but my first time was rush and I didn't get a chance to really enjoy it.

I think the lighting was much better in this video as well and you get a better view of me using the large Naga. I really recommend this toy if you have the money. The pointed tip makes it for easy entrance, and then the shaft is really nice and long for beginners. Plus the knot makes a very great challenge even for experience users. Even to this day I still have trouble taking the knot unless I prepare correctly.

Also try and take a guess at how hung I am =P Oh and Enjoy the video. This is going to be my last video here unless you guys really want me to post more.

Firmness: SplitSoft