Ballsdeep Day Off With Chance (Unflared Legacy Large)

8 years ago · 12126 views

Hey watchers, been a while. I filmed this earlier tonight after shaving and had so much fun hilting that beast inside his favorite little hole. It's my first time taking him this deep on camera, and watch 'til the end for a bit of cum handsfree! Please rate/comment if you enjoy it~ And sorry about the dryer running, I kinda forgot to close the bathroom door because I was home alone.

Also, I have been learning recently how to bulge my tummy with Chance, abdominal bulging being my -biggest- kink. I haven't been able to get a good enough video I want to post publicly. However, I do have two shaky minute-long clips where Chance is bulging me out from the inside on dropbox that I'll gladly share the url to if ya message or comment for it!