FtM fucks self with Austin the fox

8 years ago · 6385 views

sorry for the... weird lighting. the regular lights in my room cause my laptop's camera to tint everything yellow (it looks so ugly), so i tried to use a single, bright lamp to light the area around my bed. it kind of worked? anyway, again, my apologies. also i had recently shaved my ass, so ignore the minor razor burn. i'm a mess, i know.

honestly, i'm in love with austin. <3 the ridges near his head hit something AMAZING if he's almost knotted. austin is probably my current favorite toy.

i haven't posted anything to here in AGES. if you'd like to see more of me (and my toys!), please let me know via comment! i ordered a dragon's tongue the other day, so if there is any interest in seeing a video of me playing around with that, please tell me!!