Trying Not To Get Bruised Up Too Badly

9 years ago · 7300 views

Bruiser is my latest purchase from Bad Dragon and I was also able to score him with an awesome deal (55%) like with Chance due to a small nick on his head. He's surprisingly blue and black but was made before that whole dress thing, is medium sized, firm firmness, and has a tube as well a a suction cup. He's got a great shape and his knot it a lot of fun. His knot is easier to take than Kelvin's since it's .2 inches smaller which makes him really easy to get warmed up to. Also when I purchased him I got some of the glow in the dark condoms BD was selling by ONE. I put one on near the end of the vid to finish in. They're interesting to say the least. Their glow sadly isn't bright enough to appear on my phone's camera so I can't make any interesting vids with those. Maybe I can figure something out though.